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Yes, I want to change my life and live a life free and independent!

Free My Mind Intellectually From False Choices That Limit Us…

Free of My Mind of Political Notions That Keep Us Divided Against Each Other…

Free My Mind of Physical Limitations That Prevent Us Form Becoming Healthy…

Free My Mind From Financial Lies That Keep Us In The Rat Race…

Free My Mind From Emotional Traps By Identifying Toxic People…

Free Me Spiritually To Find A Greater Purpose In This Life.

Here is the first couple of minutes of Module 1

The Sons of Liberty Academy

Just about everything you have learned is a lie.

“History is a set of lies that people have agreed upon.”

-Napoleon Bonaparte

The powers that be want dumb, docile, and defenseless citizens.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Fight back by joining the Second American Revolution!

“When you are aware, you can prepare.”

-Chris Duane, Founder of Sons of Liberty.

The Academy is the strongest weapon against the New World Order.

Educate. Mobilize. Overcome.

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.”

– J Edgar Hoover

The Sons of Liberty Academy is designed specifically to educate the average concerned American about the massive challenges that threaten our way of life.


You don’t have to be a conservative or a liberal or anything else to know

that America is about to be flattened by a tidal wave…

What will you do?

“We all know something is terribly wrong with this country and yet we can’t ever figure out what specifically it is and how to change it. I spent the past 5 years reading over 200+ books and spent hundreds of hours researching and I finally have the answer. I challenged every belief I held and cut through all the lies that hold us back from the truth. I believe I have come up with ultimate educational site to free your mind. – Chris Duane

Once you join Sons of Liberty Academy, you will be taken step by step through an educational process so you can fight your own leaderless resistance.

The Sons of Liberty Academy

10 Modules 48 Hours of Presentations

1,776 Stunning and Animated Powerpoint Slides

2,000+ Pictures, Charts, Maps, and Graphs

300+ Videos including my entire banned video collection.

400+ Quotes from the Past.

Plus Tons of Additional Resources….

“I probably spent thousands of hours on the Internet scanning articles and websites. I spent about $4,000 on 200 books and read all 60,000+ Pages. I kept getting information here and there, but nothing tied it all together in one place.

I was frustrated trying to open others eyes to the reality of how the world works. What was worse after I got a firm grasp on the issues there was no solutions or group to join to make things right.” -Chris Duane

This information is far to important to be left hidden.

“I spent many months trying to find the best way to educate and mobilize the average American. I started writing a book I got 110 pages written and realized that it was not the right medium to cover such a huge topic. I then thought of a monthly newsletter that would be great to keep people up to date but not to learn the history of why we suffer.

I then came up with an Academy where I would provide the instruction, structure, and understanding.I laid out everything, I mean everything ,about what is preventing us living free and independent lives that we were meant to live. The Academy would also serve as an interactive area where fellow Patriots could brain storm.” – Chris Duane

Here is the structure of the Academy.

Module 1: When You Are Aware…

We cannot solve our problems with the same mindset that got us into this mess.

The first module is designed for you to check your ego and beliefs at the door.

Only by opening your mind can you live life free and independent.

Module 2: We Are Controlled

This module shows that just about every aspect of our lives is controlled.

And that we only have the illusion of choice and freedom.

Module 3: Who is in Control?

The Academy details the individuals and organizations that control our reality.

Module 4: Psychological Control

An exhaustive presentation on the methods and tactics the Elite use to control the masses.

Module 5: Financial Control

A detailed accounting of the financial stranglehold the Elite have on societies.

Module 6: Ancient Control

Look at history like you have never seen if before.

Learn the real and often hidden facts that fuel in the engine of history.

Module 7: Modern Control

The truth about modern history from 1900 to 2000.

Module 8: Where Are We?

An in depth look at where we are in the cycles of history and all of the challenges that we face.

Module 9: Where Are We Going?

Using all the information presented in the Academy,

we try to look into the future for potential problems and solutions.

Module 10: … You Can Prepare.

Finally, we can move forward and take positive steps

to create an new world for a better life for us and our children.

Since you will be among the first to join this Academy, I will be looking for feedback to improve the Academy before we go public and promote the Academy to the world. You will play a vital role with your input and feed back in developing this educational process.


The original Sons of Liberty were a group of concerned Americans that went about building the educational foundation of the American Revolution. When you join Sons of Liberty you will met some of the future leaders of the freedom movement. Through our private member forum we can share ideas and issues that will shape our future.

“I had two huge frustrations I had with all the forums that I was on.The first was the trolls and and spam. The second was everyone hid behind their avatar, you never got to really know anyone. I believe a private member forum solves that. ” -Chris Duane

Feel free to speak your mind and get to know other members in the site. I will not have over bearing moderators nor will I put up with any shills or trolls. By having part of the private Academy, it should steer most trolls to easier hunting grounds. If you have ever been to a bar with a cover charge you will know what I mean.

We will have monthly webinars where we can get together

and create a little “project mayhem” for the powers that be.


Only an educated and aware citizen can effectively fight back against the tide of tyranny.

Join us as we educate and spread real freedom one person at a time.