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Module 5: Financial Control

The study of money is intentionally made to be much more complex than it really is to keep you from understanding the true nature of our world.

Additional Learning Materials

Greenspan: Gold and Economic Freedom

Adam Fergusson:When Money Dies

Ayn Rand: Fransisco’s Money Speech

The Banker’s Manifesto 1892

Money Masters

Collapse in Argentina

Collapse of the American Standard of Living

I Want The Earth Plus 5%

What is a “Dollar”?

Fiat Empire

Random Charts

The Credit Crisis Visualized

12 Reasons Why the Economy Sucks

Anti Silver Banking Conspiracy

Towards a New World Social Order

Secret Banking Cabal Emerges

Credit Default Swap

Hyper-Inflationary Depression

Milton Friedman Interview

Money as Debt

Money as Debt II: Promises Unleashed

The Privately Owned Federal Reserve

Inside The Illusory Empire of the Banking Commodity Con Game

Radical Difference About QE2

Hyperinflation Will Send Gold To Unimaginable Heights

Oil and Hyperinflation

Last Card Standing

Money Pics