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What is the Academy? The Academy is 10 Modules of presentations designed to raise your awareness of the true nature of the world around you. Each module covers a different theme and has multiple chapters detailing some of the most powerful ideas know to man. “When you are aware… you can prepare.”
What is the best way to learn the Academy? I would set aside an hour or two a day when you are without distractions from the outside world and concentrate on the message. I would also start a journal to take notes. Highlight key ideas and try to relate it to your life. Do not try to blow through this in marathon sessions, the Academy is yours to consume at your own pace. If you try to blow through it all, you will miss important information.
How is the Academy laid out? I took great care in introducing all of this information in the way I wished I had learned it. Most are tempted to go right to the Financial Freedom Module or You Can Prepare Module, but in order to get the full scope of the Academy, don’t skip around. Here is the Mind Map of the entire Academy Mind Map.
Can I share the Academy with friends and family? Yes, although I would go through the entire Academy by yourself first so you see the whole picture. There is a limit to the amount of IP addresses that can use an account and that include other computers you may use and it will lock the account down. So the best way is to have them view it on your computer.
What is the best way to share it with friends and family? Again dedicate an hour or two of NO distractions. Have everyone take notes and be quite. After you are done open up a discussion based off of everyone’s notes. Use the support materials to further discussions. Be patient and try to throw out old mind sets that hold us back.
I can’t see the video? Each module is Flash Video so you need to have Flash Player, Click Here if you need it.
The site is loading slow? We are trying to speed up the site but if you install Gears into your Firefox it should speed up.
Something is blocking the video? The website is expandable, so if it looks like the the video is hidden behind stuff on the right open your browser up all the way and close any side bars you may have on your browser.
The chapters are not working? The chapters will only take you to the right spot IF the video has loaded up to that point. Give the video player time to load enough before continuing to hit the chapter. You can see the white progress bar at the bottom as it loads.
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