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Module 10: You Can Prepare

Now we are ready, as we are fully aware of our world, to now take positive and dramatic action to ensure our total freedom for generations to come.

Additional Learning Materials

Leaderless Resistance

48 Laws of Power

The 36 Strategems

Rules For Radicals

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Police State: Silence is Golden

Get In Their Face

A Keener Whiff of Revolution

From Dictatorship to Democracy PDF

A Disinfo Agent’s Guide: How to Debunk Just About Anything

A Bug’s Life America

The Best Trade of the Decade

Bill Hicks: Revelations

Bill Hicks: Tribute to the NWO

Bill Hicks: Uncensored Interview

George Carlin Banned Youtube

Fight Club

IF I Were a Terrorist…

Declaration of Defiance

Know You Rights When Talking To The Police

Civil Disobedience

Community Crisis Planning For Societal Collapse

Ron Paul Revolution

The New Common Sense

The Real Story of the Hunt Brothers “Cornering” the Silver Market

Chris Martenson’s Crash Course

Dark Secrets: Bohemian Grove

The Hidden Agenda For World Government

The Protocols of Zion

LDS Preparedness Manual


The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla

Nature Pics…

Protest Pics…


Zeitgeist Addendum

The Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica